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Knitting Machines By Model

This is only a rough draft holding place while I think of how I actually want to display these and find all the photos.  I'm thinking I might want a picture of the whole needlebed along with a close up of each carriage to go along with it so folks can easily identify which machine they have.

Toyota 510

Toyota/Elena 7

Toyota 727

Toyota 747 with matching Ribber

Toyota 777/858

Toyota KS787

Toyota KS950

Toyota KS 901

Toyota KS610

Standard Ribbers KR450, KR460, KR501, KR505, KR506, 2450

Elna 2300 Bulky (same as the SK 155 models)

Bulky Ribbers KR300, KR350, 2350

Lace Carriages

KS747 12 stitch Hole Puncher

Toyota Bulky 650 (same as the SK155 models)

Knit Tracers

Toyota Carriage Buttons Translated to English

Intarsia Carriage KS901/KS950/Elna2400