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This website is exclusively devoted to the Toyota brand of home knitting machines, in an effort to educate and assist users of these well built, excellent quality pieces of knitting equipment.

This is a companion website/library to the Toyota Knitters Yahoo group.  All Toyota knitting machine users are welcome to join us.  Our goal is to build a library of free downloads and information.  You will find photo's to help you identify different models and the accessories that will work with each different model, as well as an ever growing compilation of manuals for free downloading.  We are a work in progress, and this is just the beginning, so if you have photos and additional information and knowledge that will help other's master these machines, please let us know so we can make that information available.

I should add here that many (if not all) Elna labeled knitting machines are the same manufacturer as the Toyota brand machines and with many of these models, the parts and instructions are interchangeable.  Also, the bulky 9mm pitched 12 stitch punchcard machines are all the same and built by the SilverReed company.  We are working on a chart to help you identify what parts will work with which brand of machine.

I'm Clarisse Gibson, I own and use a few of the Toyota knitting machines.  I do have several other brands of machines, both of European manufacture and Japanese manufacture, and although I enjoy my other machines very much, my Toyota's are still my first choice.  There is just something in the way it feels in my hands and the way the carriage glides across the needlebed that is just right for me.  There are many other makes and models of home knitters and all have their own followers.  I do not mean to disrespect or denigrade anyone else's knitting machine preferences either.  Machine knitting is it's own very special craft and all brands and types of equipment are loved here.  There are no prejudices to other brands, we will just be writing about our Toyota/Elna's on this website :)

Many have contributed to the information in this library.  I feel like I should name names, but since some of this was gathered up years ago and I no longer remember who sent what, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by missing them.  So, I will just have to say Thank You to everyone that has sent information and shared what they painstakingly have scanned and uploaded both to the Yahoo Email Group and to me personally.  Without this collective effort to help other Toyota Knitting Machine users, this information would not be preserved for the future.